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2nd Unit

Short Films

Feature Films

Music Videos

Special Events



The Chair: Trailer

The Message: Short Film

Kane Hodder Interview: Exit 33 DVD

Chad Ferrin Interview: The Ghouls 10th Aniv DVD

Someone's Knocking at the Door: (b-unit B&W 16mm footage)

Independent Horror News: Internet News Show

Down The Drain: Short Film

Shadows of Midnight pt 1: Short Film

Stiched: Feature Film (2nd Unit)

The Coke Witch Project: Short Film


Mitchell 35mm (Fries Modified)

Mitchell 35mm GC (with hand crank)

LomoKino Super 35mm

Krasnogorsk-3 16mm

Canon 7D


Is There something missing from your project? 2nd Unit Los Angeles Based Cinematographer David DeFino can get those establishing shots, driving shots, background plates, or timelapse sequence your production needs to really stand out. Equipped with 35mm, 16mm and HD, Central Florida Based Cinematographer David DeFino Has what you need.

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